Friday April 25, 2014
06:32 NZT

As a key part of our commitment to promoting best practice and best product in hospitality, grill’s specialist resource editor, John Clarke, updates developments in produce, fish and meat supply each issue.
Clarke is well qualified for this role, having huge enthusiasm for raw materials, deep experience in the trade, farmed everything from bulls to goats, as well as being a hunter, chef, launch master, fly fishing guide and jet boating pioneer.
The products and or companies mentioned in this column are there because we at grill believe they are of quality and have value to the industry.
grill would like to thank our sponsors for their financial support and unbiased help in intelligence gathering without which this column would not be possible.


We also wish to acknowledge the following for their support in the gathering of the unbiased information used in the collation of this information: The Produce Company; Wilson Hellaby; The Auckland Fish Market; Harmony Foods; Neat Meat.

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